Top Mobile Marketing Application Trends to Look For in 2013

Published: 25th October 2012
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Mobile advertising apps have begun to explode in the middle half of 2012. With the Android and Apple Application Stores boasting hundreds of thousands of different apps, it is obvious that the mobile culture is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds. Recent surveys show that over 60% of the cell phones sold today are smartphones. These same surveys also say that people today always have their cell phone with them with over 50% taking them to bed with them.

These statistics prove that mobile apps must be a part of every firms advertising campaign. Although, they can not be just any application. By looking at certain trends, and what type of apps people continue to use, we can determine what type of apps you should be building that also coincide with your marketing message and products. Here is a short list of certain trends to watch in the remainder of 2012 and throughout 2013.

1. Money Transfer Applications

One of the most sought after requirements of smartphone users is the power to interact with their bank and transfer money from account to account with ease. This also goes for online payment sites like PayPal. These apps give the user control over their money even while they are not attached to a computer or in a physical location.

2. Location Based Apps

Another big trend that gained momentum in 2012 are apps that include location based services. With over 500 million consumers who enable location based services within their applications at present, it is certain to continue to climb as others notice how their phones can interact with them according to location. Special coupons, rates, deals, and directions are all a part of location based services.

3. Mobile Search Ability

There are always those times when someone needs to find out an answer to a problem, but there isn't a reliable source of information around. Mobile search has grown exponentially as more and more consumers turn to smartphones over regular cell phones. And this trend is sure to continue its upward cycle. Mobile ready websites will benefit the most from this type of availability.

4. Mobile Browsing Through Tablet Computers

One of the fastest growing trends of the year was the amount of browsing that was done through an iPad or other type of tablet computer. In truth, the iPad accounted for almost 3% of those who surfed the web in the last year. Again, as stated above, websites that are optimized for mobile devices are going to be able to surge ahead of those which are not.

5. Mobile Advertising Opportunities

In 2008 the amount of money spent on mobile marketing and advertising through ads and applications was $530 million. In 2012 that number jumped dramatically to over $7 billion with plenty of room to grow. There are several different opportunities for mobile marketers to advertise through PPC, banner ads in different apps and other areas.

6. Mobile Music and Sharing

One of the quickest growing services in 2012 is Spotify. This service offers both a web based platform and a mobile application that enables its users to listen to music based on their favorites and similar artists. These can be shared through different social media channels. As well, users can purchase their favorite songs through different music services like iTunes.

Mobile marketing and advertising trends are a way for enterprises to see what it going on in the culture today and construct related apps for future products and services. It is important to stay ahead of the trends, or at least within them, in order to offer apps that people will want to download and use consistently.

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